Saturday, August 30, 2008

Number crunching

I have been working on finishing the pattern for Violet. As you can see I have been crunching numbers trying to size the pattern up. Math isn't my strong point so I'm checking and rechecking my numbers. Then when I was almost done I decided that I should make the pattern

available for multiple gauges. Which means more number crunching this weekend and then off to have it editted and test knit.

Guess what came in the mail last week? Custom Knits!!!!! Yes, I got two copies. I was soooo excited about it coming out that I didn't realize that I paid for and pre-ordered two copies.

There are a lot of really great designs. The best part is Wendy tells you how to alter each design to make it your own. I love the design above but I'm not much into belly showing shirts so I would customize the pattern to make it long enough to cover my stomach.

I absolutely love this hat. I usually don't wear hats but I might make an exception for this one. I think this would make a quick and beautiful Christmas gift. Yes there is only 116 days til Christmas. OMG!!!!

I love this top. Too bad summer is almost over. I will definitely be adding this to my future project queue.

If I didn't have so many UFO's I would cast on for this gorgeous number. I'm drawn to the green. There is another picture of this same sweater in a dark tealy blue with no shirt beneath it. Seems like a very versatile knit.

Too many beautiful designs. The book is also a great read. I haven't had a chance yet to read it cover to cover but I plan on doing it soon. Wendy is very talented.

I know that I have way too many projects going on around here but I decided to join a sew-a-long for the Amy Butler Weekender bag. You guessed it there is a group on Ravelry called Amy Butler Lovers. I ordered the material over a year ago.

I haven't sewn in awhile so this should be interesting. The hubby will be happy because he bought me a sewing machine over 5 years ago and I never used it. I had good intentions but I never broke it out to sew. I'm excited because Amy Butler's fabrics and patterns are gorgeous. My friend Michelle has made many of her bags and she says the patterns are easy. Check out Michelle's beautiful bags here and here.

I promised to post some pictures of my Namaste Newport bag in peacock. The color in the pictures is pretty accurate. It is not the bright teal color that it appears on some of the on-line stores.

The yarn in front of the bag is knit picks yarn in various shades of blue. I love this bag and the color is just beautiful.

Off to finish crunching my numbers. Have a great long Labor Day weekend!!!!!


Michelle said...

Hey! Isn't the book just awesome!?!? I was too lazy to post picts though! I don't know what I want to start with! My peacock newport is my favorite bag! (right now anyway)

Good luck on your Sew Along! I better go check that out. I have the weekender pattern, but not the fabric yet. I should make my other Kimberly bag!

amanda said...

i'm finally catching up on some blog reading...i bought the weekender bag pattern a while ago,too but have not made it yet. I don't even have the fabric for it yet. can't wait to see yours.