Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too many projects

I have been busy painting and remodeling my dining room. I took some before shots so I could post some before and after shots. I have managed to squeeze some knitting in. The Indigo Ripple skirt is close to being done.

Here's a close up of the lace pattern. I love it but I'm kind of over knitting this. I had to put it down for a little while and move onto something else. I started the Yogini Bolero. I'm using the same yarn and color that Wendy used. I wanted to make it in the Red Hemp but Kpixie didn't have three skeins in stock when I placed my order.

This has been a really fast knit. I'm glad this is one of those patterns that you can try on as you go. I'm making the size small so I knit until it measured 10.5 inches from the cast on but when I tried it on it was too high up on my bust. I made the top a little longer and bound off to try it on but it still seems too high. I'm debating if I should add a little more length. I may sleep on it before deciding to rip out my bind off.

Well, I'm off to finish my paining.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fiber Fix

Today Michelle and I went to Miss Chickpea's Funky Fibers in Hudson. I needed a fiber fix and Michelle was more than happy to go along for the ride.

The shop is really cute inside. Miss Pea (Ravelry link) was not there but her staff was very friendly and they had quite a few yarns that I had never seen before. The best part was they were having a Christmas in July sale. Michelle and I tried to restrain ourselves and limit our purchases but it was tough.

The shop is located in the First & Main shopping district in Hudson. There are a lot of great stores and restaurants in the plaza. I will definitely take a trip back to Miss Chickpea's and make a day of it.

What did I buy you ask? Of course I did not leave there empty handed. I got some cotton fleece in an eggplant color to make the Yogini Bolero. I think I'm going to make the long sleeve version.

I also picked up three balls of Puffin by Crystal Palace. This is made of polyester fleece. I think this is going to become a baby jacket or sweater. It will definitely be warm. Last I picked up two hanks of sock yarn. No I don't need more sock yarn but I couldn't resist the color. The yarn is Hacho hand dyed merino wool.

We also stopped at Chico's. They were having a sidewalk sale and everything was 50% of the sale prices. I got this great skirt. Michelle got two skirts and three pairs of shoes. She got quite a deal the shoes were only $7.00 each.

It's my Birthday!!!

Today is Max's 9th birthday. I can't believe my little pup has been with us for 9 years. Well I have to go make him some homemade dog biscuits. I asked him if he wanted me to make him some treats and now he is laying in front of the oven whining.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Update

No progress pictures today but I'm almost done with my indigo ripple skirt. I'm really enjoying the process of knitting this skirt. I love the Rowan denim. I just hope it is going to fit once I wash and block it.

I have also been busy power washing the patio and back steps. This weekend I added a sand cement mixture to the joints in between the pavers and did lots of planting. When I'm done I take some pictures. I hope the rain stays away for at least a couple more days so I can put my patio set outside and soak up some sun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eyelet Cardigan

I finally got some pictures of my finished Blue Sky Alpaca Eyelet Cardigan (Ravelry link). I have mixed feelings about this top. I don't like the way the sleeves fit. They are too wide. As I wore the top throughout the day the sleeves at the elbow kept getting wider and folding up. I'm not sure how to fix this. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Pattern: Eyelet Cardigan
(Ravelry link)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton
Color: Orchid (4.5 hanks)
Size: Small (34)
Needles: US Size 6
Modifications: I shortened the sleeves. Instead of doing all
the ribbing I did only half of the ribbing the pattern suggested.
I didn't want to fold up the ribbing but I have to anyways because
the sleeves are long and too wide. I wish I would have made
them shorter. I also made only one button hole at the top of the
button band. I did not find a button I liked so here I have a brooch
holding the sweater closed.

I am still working on the indigo ripple skirt. I'm finally done with the increases so it's easy mindless stockinette until the skirt is 14 or 15 inches. I haven't decided yet. I'm making the skirt longer than the pattern suggested because I don't want the lace to come up too high on my leg. I love the Rowan denim the only problem is it leaves my hands blue. I'll have to make sure when I wash this I don't throw it in with anything that it could bleed on.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ribbed Lace Bolero

I finally got the DH to take some FO shots of the Ribbed Lace Bolero. This is a really fun pattern.

Ravelry Link
Yarn: Lion brand cotton-ease
Color: Charcoal (1.5 skeins)
Size: Cast on 98 stitches
Needles: US Size 8 & 10.5
Modifications: None

If I make this again, which is possible, I will cast on less stitches. The bolero keeps sliding off of my shoulders. I didn't measure as the pattern specifies to custom fit the bolero. I just thought 98 stitches sounds good. I did do my gauge swatch but as far as the measuring part I threw caution to the wind. I still like the way it fits and will get a lot of wear out of this. Plus with how affordable cotton-ease is, I can always make another.

I have been working on the Shetland Shorty. This is going pretty fast now that I got gauge. I had to go down to US size 3 needles. I hope it's going to fit because right now it looks like it will fit a 9 yr old. This is an addictive pattern. I hear it calling my name.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Knitting Bags

The postman brought me a package yesterday. You'll never guess what I ordered. Of course its another knitting bag. Not one but two bags. One can never have too many bags. I found a group on Ravelry called Namaste Love. All the ladies were discussing the namaste bags that they own. Who knew there were so many options. I already have the namaste messenger bag in mauve. I love it! It has lots of pockets and places to store sizzors etc.... The messenger is great but it's a little too big to carry everywhere with me. I wanted something that looked more like a purse.

The first bag I ordered is the Jetsetter in black. I love it! I think that they must be discontinuing this bag because it was hard for me to find one available on line.

After looking on the namaste website I decided to order the Cali Malibu in lime. It is the perfect summer color and it big enough to carry larger projects or lots of little projects.

The bag came in a dust bag to project it when you're not using it. It's a larger bag but it's not too big.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the bag. Lots of place to store your cell phone etc...

On the knitting front I am still working on my indigo ripple skirt. The whole time I'm knitting this I keep thinking I hope this is going to fit. I'm almost done with the ties on the shetland shorty. I'm finally getting gauge. Yeah!!! My ribbed lace bolero and my Eyelet cardigan are waiting for their FO shots.

Maybe I can get the DH to take some pictures this weekend. That is if the rain stays away.

Have a great 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Apple Pie

Last Sunday I made homemade apple pie. Well it was not all homemade because I got a little lazy and bought the pre-made crust.

(Pie Filling)

3 to 4 cups pealed and sliced apples (I like lots of apples in my pie)
3 tsp. flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. butter or margarine
3 tsp. milk

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a bowl combine apples, flour, sugar, cinnamon and milk. Stir until the apples are coated. Pour into unbaked pie crust. Cut up butter and place over apples. Place remaining pie crust on top of apples and pinch down edges of crust. Bake for 40 - 45 minutes.

Tip: I cover the edges of my pie with tin foil and cook for the first 30 minutes. Then I remove the tin foil and cook for the remaining 15 minutes. This prevents the crust from getting burnt.

It wasn't the best looking pie I ever made, but boy did it taste good. Pie a la Mode with vanilla soy ice cream. Mmmmmm......mmmmm!!!

On the knitting front I started the Shetland Shorty. I got gauge on the suggested needle size but as I knit the garter stitch rows my tension loosened up. I had to rip and restart. I cast on with size 3 needles and am hoping that I get gauge this time. I found so many really cute shortys on ravelry. Check out this one and this one. I already want to make another.

Today is my Grandfather's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! He is 81 years young today.

Aren't they cute. I'm very close to my grandparents. I was born when my grandmother was 40 yrs old. She quit her job to stay home and take care of me and eventually my brother. My brother, my mom and I lived with them from the time I was 6 years old until after I graduated from college, which they paid for. I love them and cherish every moment that I spend with them.