Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eyelet Cardigan

I finally got some pictures of my finished Blue Sky Alpaca Eyelet Cardigan (Ravelry link). I have mixed feelings about this top. I don't like the way the sleeves fit. They are too wide. As I wore the top throughout the day the sleeves at the elbow kept getting wider and folding up. I'm not sure how to fix this. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Pattern: Eyelet Cardigan
(Ravelry link)
Source: http:www.kpixie.com
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton
Color: Orchid (4.5 hanks)
Size: Small (34)
Needles: US Size 6
Modifications: I shortened the sleeves. Instead of doing all
the ribbing I did only half of the ribbing the pattern suggested.
I didn't want to fold up the ribbing but I have to anyways because
the sleeves are long and too wide. I wish I would have made
them shorter. I also made only one button hole at the top of the
button band. I did not find a button I liked so here I have a brooch
holding the sweater closed.

I am still working on the indigo ripple skirt. I'm finally done with the increases so it's easy mindless stockinette until the skirt is 14 or 15 inches. I haven't decided yet. I'm making the skirt longer than the pattern suggested because I don't want the lace to come up too high on my leg. I love the Rowan denim the only problem is it leaves my hands blue. I'll have to make sure when I wash this I don't throw it in with anything that it could bleed on.


Michelle said...

Love the color! It's really cute! As for the sleeves, you could just tack the cuffs up so they stay turned. could you undo part of the arm seam and rip back some to make it shorter? Just some thoughts...

amanda said...

wow! look at all this knitting!

The ribbed lace bolero is just lovely. I actually like that it drapes off your shoulders slightly.

The eyelet cardi is nice, too. I see what you means about the sleeves. It looks like they are knit from the bottom up, so you could be brave and snip them where the ribbing changes to lace. This will essentially cut off the ribbed part and leave the lace part with live stitches. You can put them on needles and re-knit the ribbing with a smaller needle or do decreases to make the ribbing tighter.

Option 2 would be to toss it in the dryer and see what happens!

good luck!