Friday, August 15, 2008


I entered a contest on Ravelry to win a Namaste goodie package through the Namaste Love group. Here's the pictured I entered with me and all my Namaste bags. As you can see I'm thinking about getting the Charcoal Laguna.

So far I have:

  1. Black Jetsetter
  2. Camel Jetsetter
  3. Raspberry Jetsetter
  4. Mauve Messenger
  5. Lime Malibu
  6. Peacock Newport
The Newport is a new purchase. I got it in the mail last week from kpixie. These bags are addicting. I own a lot of knitting bags that I never use. They just sit in my closet. The best part about these are they are a knitting bag and a purse in one. That way I don't look like a bag lady.

I've also found that I have another addiction. Yes it's an iPhone. I got it about two months ago. It isn't the new 3G version but that's okay. I'm still learning about all the apps that are available and yes there is a group on ravelry called iLove my iPhone.

The group has been really helpful. I learned a lot about what cases work the best, look the best and protect the phone the best. Not to mention all the reviews for the iPhone apps. I'm thinking about downloading stitchminder, which is a basic row and pattern counter. There's even an app (iFlickr) that lets you take a picture with your iPhone and then upload it to Flickr. I haven't got as far as installing any apps for now.


Gotta Knit! said...

I love those bags. They're on my wish list.

Yarn It said...

Cute bags! I have one in turquoise. I love it. I want an iphone! They are sooo fun!

Michelle said...

Ahh you did get the peacock newport!!! Isn't it great? Your picture is too cute! I forgot to get my picture in before vaction! OH well! I only have 3 Nameste bags, maybe I need more! :-)