Friday, January 2, 2009

Cooking with Gas

I have been a knitting mad women. My sink is clogged and the kitchen is a mess but that's okay because I'm happily knitting while the DH snakes the drain. At least I have my priorities straight. LOL!!! I have been happily knitting on my New Years Day Sock. The only modification I'm making is substituting ssk's for the skp's. I'm not fond of having to pass a stitch over. If I can avoid it and still get the same look I will definitely do it.

I'm using the Pagewood Farms Yukon Hand-dyed yarn that I purchased when I was in Colorado. It's 70% wool, 20% bamboo and 10% nylon. I'm loving knitting with it. The pattern is a lot of fun and has just the right amount of cabling to add interest.

I learned how to knit without a cable needle using Grumperina's tutorial. It was a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.

I have also been working on my Shalom cardigan. I'm using the Malabrigo Chunky. This yarn is so soft and yummy. I will definitley be using it again.

This is a great pattern, very easy to adapt. I'm adding long sleeves and more buttons. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to add 3 or 4 button's. I can't wait to finish the yoke and split the sleeves because I want to try this on.

I have also have been making stitch markers again. I ordered a bunch of beads from Oriental Trading . I also ordered these sheep beads from Fairy Bear's Beads. I couldn't resist they are just too cute.

My friend Michelle also made me some stitch markers. She actually gave them to everyone in our knitting group. We had a Christmas Knit get together the week before Christmas.

One can never have too many fun stitch markers.


Michelle said...

Such cute sheep!

Your sock looks way "poofier" than mine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yarn!

Still waiting on my shalom yarn!

Pam said...

Yes, one can NEVER have too many cute stitch markers! Agree (1000)

Sourire11 said...

Love the stitchmarkers!!!

I'm no longer cooking with gas at all - out of yarn and waiting for it to get here is a sad place to be ;-(