Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vote now.......

First, I want to say thank you so much for all of your suggestions. You ladies are soooooo creative. It was really hard for me to choose. I loved reading what the pattern reminded you of and your inspiration for the names you suggested. Trust me the name I would have chosen would not have been as creative. I did a search on Ravelry to ensure that there weren't any other patterns with the same names. My top five choices are listed below. Voting will close on Saturday Nov 14th at noon.

Blog Poll is Closed

I also included an explanation for some of the names to help you in your voting process.

"As a river/water goddess, Saraswati symbolizes fertility and prosperity. She is associated with purity and creativity, especially in the context of communication, such as in literary and verbal skills. In the post-Vedic age, She began to lose her status as a river goddess and became increasingly associated with literature, arts, music, etc. Her name literally means "the one who flows", which apparently was applied to thoughts, words, or the flow of a river."

The quality or state of being sinuous. Sinuous - of a serpentine or wavy form.


Michelle said...

Such great names so hard to pick!!

Elaine said...

I was wondering whether you could explain how you put the poll on your blog.

When I voted, it asked whether I wanted to create my own poll, and since I was curious how it was done, I followed those steps. It then told me: "Cool, you are finished! Use the code below to place your poll on your site"

And that is where I am stuck.


Dawn said...

Hi Elaine,

Copy the code that it generates. If you are using blogger these are the instructions - Create your blog post and paste the code that you copied onto the tab that says edit html. You will not see the poll until you save your post.

Hope that helps.

Alison said...

My favorite isn't winning! But my second favorite is, so it's okay. Regardless of the name, I can't wait to knit these socks! If I could only get through the 2nd Summer Lovin'.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you sure are getting a lot of votes!

Jersey said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm very flattered that you selected one of my recommendations as a finalist, and I know that a bunch of people have voted for my suggestion "Unchain My Heart", but I think it makes most sense to withdraw my entry. These polls are just plain silly - they are so easily manipulated. I don't believe for a minute that all of the votes were from people who read your blog. I think that mostly it is friends of mine and friends of Sarasvati's suggester, essentially "stuffing the ballot box".

The other day, I showed one of my knitting friends from work your socks since I thought they were so pretty. She said that she had seen on one of the other finalist's blog a plea for votes and asked why I don't do that. Since I don't have a blog, that would be pretty tough and I thought it sort of ruined the spirit of the thing. Well, I think she must have gone and asked people at work for vote for me.

I was curious and looked at the votes and was shocked to see how many the two of us had gotten, and noticed that whenever one goes up, so does the other.

In junior high it would have been important to me to be more popular and have more friends that someone else. Now, I'd love to win, but not by having friends stuff the ballot box. Thanks to all my friends who wanted to cheer me up, but I am happy to know that you care! That's enough of a prize for me!