Monday, July 13, 2009


So last time I posted I was feeling uninspired and couldn't find anything that I just had to cast on. So of course I went hunting around on Ravelry and found one of my favorite designers Marnie MacLean. If you haven't had a chance to check out her designs you should. Her garments are beautifully constructed down to the smallest detail. I feel in love with two of her designs one was published through Twist Collective and is called Bijou (Ravelry link). I'm just waiting for my yarn to arrive in the next couple of days so I can cast on. The second design of Marnie's is her newest and it's a beautiful shawl called La Cumparsita (Ravelry link). I'm not much of a shawl girl but this design is so gorgeous I just have to make it.

I'm thinking of using my dream into color smooshy in Cocoa Kiss to make the shawl. I love the gray and brown combination in this yarn. Since the shawl requires 540 yards I'll probably need to order another skein.

The inspiration didn't stop there. I found two sweater patterns that I fell in love with also. The first one is called Buttercup (Ravelry link) and is a free pattern. I first fell in love with it when I saw Jessica's finished sweater. I love top-down seamless sweaters. Not much into finishing and I love that I can try them on as I go. Also easy to modify the pattern as I go.

The second pattern I had to have is called Moch Cardi (Ravelry link). This one is worked from the bottom up; sleeves are joined and eventually grafted at the underarms. I'm not ready to cast on this one yet but I think this will make a great fall sweater. I just love the yoke.

Now that my queue is full I just need to go through my stash and find the perfect yarn.


Michelle said...

OHH very nice patterns! I have buttercup inmy queue, and I love Mooch too!

Pretty Knitty said...

Can't wait to see these on your needles! You inspire so many of us, I am glad you got your mojo back!

amanda said...

oooohhhh...thanks for the links!!