Friday, April 25, 2008

My Other Hobby

So knitting/crocheting are not my only hobbies. I also collect orchids. They are such beautiful flowers and some types of orchids will bloom for months at a time. I have been looking for a local grower in the Cleveland area for quite a while. Martha suggested Borlin's. I had never heard of them but through some investigation I found out that they had moved to a small floral shop. They are still located in Mentor but are now on Mentor Ave. I'm so glad that Martha told me about them. Even though the shop was small they had some really beautiful and well cared for orchids. Below are a couple of pictures of the orchids that I purchased. They were really affordable. The first orchid is a Phalaenopsis and the second is an Oncidium.

I may have gone a little overboard because I also ordered some Dendrobium orchids from Aloha orchids. I had chartruese green dendrobium orchids in my wedding bouquet and I feel in love with them. Below is a picture of all the orchids from Aloha. I was surprised that they made it in one piece all the way from Hawaii. They were packed in a big box with shredded newspaper keeping everything safe and sound.

Now I have to go out and find some new pots and orchid mix. The DH thinks our house is a yarn store/greenhouse. Could be worse!!!


Martha said...
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Martha said...

Those are some very nice orchids you picked up, especially the Oncidium. I'm glad Borlin's is still around!!
I really like the dark purple Dendrobium. Too bad they don't like me.

Michelle said...

Oh those are gorgeous!

linda said...

Beautiful! The last couple of years at the farmers market at Crocker, there is a cutie little old man from a Lorain Co. orchid organization. I don't know if he's there yet, but you may want to check that out. I want some!

amanda said...

I've always wanted to have an orchid. are they high maintenance? Do they need a lot of light? I'm worried I won't have a good place to put it. yours are just beautiful!!