Monday, April 21, 2008

My Favorite Spot

There is one room in my house that I am drawn to. I go there to knit, read or just relax. It's my favorite spot in the house. There's a nice big window that lets in a lot of light and a nice view of the neighborhood. No TV, no distractions and no radio it's just perfect. I did some spring cleaning this weekend and reorganized my yarn/craft room. I even organized the yarn by color. Yes I am a bit anal but it looks so much nicer that way.

Yes, even the closet is full of yarn. In my spring cleaning I found a few summer projects from last year that I never finished. I'd like to finish some of these projects before casting on anything new. We'll see how long that lasts. With all this yarn staring at me I may not be able to resist.


Michelle said...

OHH your yarn is very pretty! And well organized! I need to organize my stash too!

amanda said...

I LOVE your room. The color is great and it's so neat!!

Congrats on your wedding, too!!

Tina said...

roh! are you a yarn seller ???