Sunday, January 1, 2012

Almost There

Just a few more days to go til we meet our little ones. I have been bad about blogging and bad about taking pictures. I had planned to do it on a weekly basis but that didn't happen. I have two more bump shots to show.

The next one is a picture in the new nursery. The color in both of these pictures aren't very accurate. The sun sets earlier these days and it's getting harder to get a good picture. Not to mention it's harder to stand up these days.

I will try to get some better shots of the nursery and some baby pictures soon ;o)


Jean said...

Almost there...right on! -Jean

lorenabr said...

Happy New Year! Good luck!

Rasa said...

You look great...and the nursery is cute! Looks like you are ready...good luck and all the best!!!

Andrea@That'll Do Farm said...

We're all ready for them, and my guess is you are the most ready of anybody! Can't wait to meet them.

Nic said...

I made my MIL your Christine bag for Christmas this year which got me to wandering upon your blog where I saw you were having twins VERY soon! (If not already)! Congratulations!!! My twin girls will be 1 year old next month! It's been a crazy and amazing year. Enjoy every second because (while everyone told me it goes so quick) I seriously can not even believe how quick a year snuck by us! So happy for you! And love the bag pattern! I'm new to knitting and I had no problem getting it made!

XO Nicole :-)

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Charente said...

I'm so happy for you. Good luck with twins. Big hug for you and your husband.