Sunday, August 2, 2009

More socks......

I finished another pair of the Summer Lovin Socks (Ravelry link) for my grandmother. I used Pagewood Farms Yukon in the color Bird of Paradise. This is one of my favorite yarns that I use to have to order online until my LYS started carrying it. If you've never used it you have to give it a try.

I also ordered lots more sock yarn as you can see. The yarn below is Destination Yarn and has been dyed by my friend Jeanne. The green, blue and yellow are from her America the Beautiful collection. The multi is Copenhagen and is dyed to match a beautiful picture of Copenhagen Denmark. The next colors that I want to get are called Tuscany and Vienna.

Next, I ordered some yarn from Knitting Notions. My friend Andrea loves their yarn and has used it for several projects. The variegated rust, colored yarn in the back is Tuscan Grove but everything else is Knitting Notions.

Since, I've been knitting up my sock yarn stash I can justify buying more. LOL!!! Below is proof, these are some socks that I'm knitting up for my mom. Red is her favorite color. The yarn is Zauberball in color Reds 1963.

I didn't have a pattern so I cast on 72 stitches and K3, P1 for the cuff and the top of the foot, I used a different color for the heel because I wanted the color to blend down the top of the foot. I did a wedge toe. They are a little snug on me but they should fit my mom. I really like this yarn it was addicting to knit with. The texture of the yarn is simlar to the Noro sock yarn. It's suppose to be machine washable. Let's hope so because I'm sure my mom will throw them in the washer.


Debbie Gilbert said...

I LOVE Knitting Notions yarn. I've knit one sweater and a shawl from Catherine's yarn and the colors are gorgeous and the texture is so soft.

Debbie G

Anonymous said...

Your Summer Lovin' Socks are beautiful in that color. When I first saw the pattern I thought green --- only green, but seeing everyone else's colors ...

well, I think this pattern works well for EVERY color.

Love your new yarns too. You have quite a nice selection to pick from.