Sunday, September 21, 2008

For me.......

It has been a very busy two weeks. I am hoping things will slow down so I can get back to knitting and blog reading. I did find the time to do some shopping with my Birthday money. I have always wanted a dress form to use when sewing or when I am designing a pattern. I splurged and bought the lady valet dress form. Isn't she pretty!!!

She is in route all the way from the UK. I couldn't find any US stores that carried this type of dress form. The stand is wood, which is what I wanted. The best part is the form is adjustable so I can alter it to my exact measurement. It should be arriving this week.

On the knitting front I am still working on my February Lady sweater and I have two new projects that I think I may be knitting for Christmas gifts.

Brooklyntweed just came out with two beautiful hat patterns. The first is a cable hat called Habitat. I have a couple of men that I think will love this hat. The second is for the ladies and is called Porom. I have yarn in my stash for both hats but I may need to purchase some more.

I love quick knits for Christmas gifts. Can you believe that there is only 95 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes and 47 seconds left til Christmas. But who is counting. LOL !!!!


Michelle said...

Ahh Chrsitmas is that soon!?

I've been thinking about getting a dressform for a long time! Can't wait to hear how you like yours!

Stephanie said...

Wow I didn't realize it was less than 100 days away!! I can never knit that much for christmas I get to stressed.

Alina said...

Hi -- I was wondering how you like the Lady Valet. Is the quality good? Is it wobbly? Does it adjust easily? Also, would you mind letting me know which site you bought it from? Seems like they charge an arm and a leg for shipping -- was that your experience as well? Thanks much.

Dawn said...

I'm really happy with the dress form. I like that the stand is wood and looks finished. The form has dials that allow you to easily adjust the size. It's not wobbly. I ordered my form from and paid $83 for shipping. The shipping is on the high side because the form was sent air mail. Hope this helps