Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Today is the perfect day to stay inside and knit. We have a winter storm that started yesterday afternoon and when it's over, Sunday early morning, we should have 18 inches of snow. I feel bad for Max because I can't even open the back door to let him outside. He loves this weather. He can barely run in it because it's up to his stomach. Usually it's hard to get him to come back inside but not today. Even he thinks it's too cold outside to play.

On the knitting front my Nella Cropped Cardigan is on hold because I ran out of yarn. I'm using a smaller gauge so I should have known that I needed another ball of yarn. I found the same color on line and it is on it's way. I can't wait to finish and block it. All I have left to complete is about six inches of one sleeve and the yoke.

I also found this adorable pattern on Wendy's blog. It is a blanket for preemie's. I used blue sky organic cotton (color sand) which can be a little expensive. Wendy used Pakucho Organic Cotton from Elann which is about $3 a skein. I didn't mind spending more because it's worth it. It feels really soft, perfect for a baby.

If you are in the Cleveland Ohio area my friend Debbie contacted Rainbow Baby and Children's Hospital. They told her that this blanket is the perfect size for the NICU and they definitely could use some blankets for their babies. You may want to call to confirm what fibers they prefer.

I will leave you with a picture of Max. He is happy to be inside warm and cozy with his bone. He is giving me the eye because he is a little worried that I may try to take it.


Michelle said...

This weather is crazy isn't it! At least the roads are cleared up now and everything is shiny and pretty!

Your Nella is coming along nicely! Glad you found more yarn!!

russ berrie stuffed animals said...
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