Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rough Night

No knitting content today because I have had a couple of rough nights. It has been raining with thunder and lightening for the last couple of nights. Not that rain is a problem it doesn't bother me, usually makes good sleeping weather. The only problem is my almost 80 lb dog that is afraid of the thunder and lightening. I woke up multiple times with him trying to sleep between the DF and I rolled up in a ball on our pillows. He doesn't seem to care that he is laying on our heads. Once I made him move in between us, off of our heads, we could at least try to get back to sleep. Then a loud crack of thunder and a lot of lightening and he starts shaking. I had flash backs to when my grandparents use to take my brother and I on vacation. We went out west and my grandfather would always stop at these hotels that looked liked the Bates Motel. The best part was they had the little coin box on the wall that allowed you to put a quarter in and the bed would shake for two minutes. My grandparents use to have to limit us to one quarter a piece. Ahh... the good old days.

So as I said no knitting content today but I did buy some knitting inspired fabric. I first saw this on Alison's blog. She made some adorable knitting bags for her buddies. I haven't sewn much in the past 10 years but how hard can it be to make a bag. (I am knocking on wood right now).

I love these skulls with knitting needles. Sometimes I feel like the guy on the right when I have a knitting deadline and it's a project that I just don't want to work on. I also purchased some coordinating fabric to line the bags.

Here is a final picture of all the fabric that I bought. I might use this pattern here. I love it. Hopefully it's easy enough for me.

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Michelle said...

Thanks goodness my dogs don't minde the thunder! I'd have 2 80 pounders in be with me!

Love your fabrics you picked! I want to make some too! (I have ended up buying some cute ones on Etsy!)