Sunday, October 14, 2007

Juliet and Tree Jacket

I joined the Sexy Knitters Club. This round we are knitting Juliet and the Tree Jacket by the lovely and talented Zephyr Style girls. I have made some progress on Juliet. I am using the yarn suggested, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Mariner Blue. I really do love this yarn it is 80% prima cotton and 20% wool. The wool really helps it to keep its shape instead of stretching too much.

In the past when I have used 100% cotton my garments stretched and did not hold their shape. I ended up wearing them once or twice and then putting them in the closet.

Next up I am going to be starting on Tree Jacket. I have some Karabella Aurora 8 that I think will work for this pattern. I can't decide what color to
use. Neither are really my favorite color but I would like to use something from my stash. Please help me decide and vote on which color you think I should use. The poll is located in the side bar. Thanks!

Update: The poll has closed and the brown is the winner. Thanks for your help.


jsins said...

I would recommend going with the chocolate brown. The darker colored Tree Jackets seem to show off the pattern better.
Your Juliet looks great!!!

Kat MacKenzie said...

I am new to knitting, but I swatched Aurora 8 on size 8's, and got gauge. I am using a sage green, it is knitting beautifully. I was going to use a darker color, but the owner of knit shop suggested a lighter color to show all the lace.